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Hey guys, here is a video about an almost fatal disaster in 2016! I know this is a short video but if you like these every once in a while let me know and also let me know if you have any suggestions 😀

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Video Music By Myuuji


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  1. I watched & loved this back in the day, heard they brought it back but couldn't really get into it again like before, idk why. I saw them advertise the hell out of it when it came back, then it just kinda disappeared. Now I know why. Thank you TCPG!

  2. Quite scary this show was; and yes, would be lovely to hear more these; like: old Ships, earthquacks, Submarine ones. Thank you. Did enjoy your narration.

  3. I like Quickies?sometime you want to hear a good story and don't have the time. These quick/short ones do the job. I do not remember seeing this one, thanks for uploading ?

  4. Thank you for the video… It makes you wonder… If man & woman (lol) are capable of building things like THIS on their own, with whatever basic knowledge of "technology" they have & whatever their budget allows, WHY IN THE HELL ISN'T OUR GOVERNMENT BUILDING "ROBOTIC INDIVIDUALS" or "A.I.'s" TO GO TO WAR FOR MAN & WOMAN?? Why are we still having people's kids, moms, dads etc. DIE FOR NO REASON IF WE CAN BUILD THINGS LIKE THIS??? I don't get it. My father is the ONLY PERSON IN THE STATES who can do his job, he was supposed to retire at 55, but because it's taken over 10 years to find and train HIS replacement, he's still working at 63. His job is to write code & design weaponry for our military and to design progams that keep it all "safe & secret". That alone SHOULD answer my question lol, BUT IT DOESN'T. I don't understand A LOT of things our government does or does not do… I think they keep it that way ON PURPOSE as well as keep American's attention diverted by stupid scandals, such as the one that is going on now with this Judge & his "victim"… Same thing as the Trump & Playmate or stripper or whatever she was, at the BEGINNING of his Presidency. It's ALWAYS SOMETHING NOWADAYS & if people don't see the pattern, their brainwashed!! I hate the news and very RARELY watch it.

  5. No offence but fuck off asif a minor accident like that cancelled the hole show if anythin probs made it more entertaining to watch I’m a big fan of this channel but this vid was shit

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