Girls and Hot Pepper and other fails! || Best fails of the week! || October 2018!

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Girls and Hot Pepper and other fails! || Best fails of the week! || October 2018!

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Dad Tries To Teach Kid Juggling and Gets Hit in Crotch
Four Teens Wipeout While Tubing
Guy Faceplants After Attempting To Kick Arcade Game
Guy Nearly Smashes Phone After Performing Backflip
Skateboarder Faces Nasty Fall Trying to Slide on Rail
Bridesmaid and Groomsman Fail Chest-bump At Wedding
Man Falls While Trying to Knock Snow off Roof
Skateboarder Hits Back of Head on Pavement
Rapper Attempts Stage Dive and Falls
Girl Fails at Showing How to Pop Champagne Bottle
Crawling Clown Scares Mother-In-Law
Man Slips Hilariously on Boat’s Edge and Falls into Water
Man Scares Girlfriend onto the Floor
Wheel Pops off Bike During Wheelie
Guy Loses Runaway Segway on Boardwalk
Guy Drops Girl While Doing Dance Lift at Wedding
Girl Busts Nose While Riding Scooter on Street
Guy Fails to Leap Across Water Between two Docks
Dad Snaps Rope Swing
Couple Attempts to Kiss While Riding Bikes and Fall
Grandma Drops Birthday Girl’s Cake
Kid Pranks Man by Shoving Dandelion in His Mouth
Guy Falls to the Floor While Trying to Backflip Onto Bed
kayak launch fail
Girl Performs Series of Backflips Down Steep Hill
Guy with Beer Crate Falls on His Skateboard
Kid Faceplants After Attempting to Ride Caster Board Down Slide
Girl Attempts To Ride Cow and Gets Knocked Off
Girl Falls After Popping Wheelie on a Minibike
Girl Faceplants Into Sand While Running Downhill
Guy Flips over Mountain Bike and Faceplants
Guy Balancing on Pipe Slips and Faceplants Ground
Naughty Baby Elephant Kicks Man’s Butt
Woman Falls Off Skateboard in Empty Pool
guy lands and scooter breaks


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