Ghost Caught on Home Security Camera

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A listener sent us this footage showing what appears to be an apparition captured on a Blink home security camera April 15, 2018 at around 12:18am.
Let us know in the comments what your impression is.

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  1. Love it!! Have basic cheap amazon cameras here on Cape Cod MA at my house and got some cool as images. I started opening “seeing” is my main ability with my naked eyes and mind eye unreal. They are here with us. Eventually it will be normal.

  2. That's the same type of thing that crossed my road a few years ago. My son and wife saw the same thing a few weeks after. I never told them what I saw until after a week or two went by from their incident. Ever since my wife went to a Medium our house has been a hot bed for activity. Just last week my son and I were talking about baseball when an empty one gallon bottle bounced on our kitchen table. I've seen shadows outside while working on a tractor and thought somebody was there. I was also in the bathroom when I heard a gate in the house open and what sounded like light footsteps going down the stairs. The dog was acting strange when I went to see if someone was there. I was not a big believer, but the last year has opened my eyes.

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