Funny and Cute Poodle Compilation

Funny and Cute Poodle Compilation
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Funny and cute poodle dogs playing. Hope these cute poodle videos will make you smile.

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  1. I have a poodle and a chihuahua and my poodle Gizmo is the most adorable,cute,sweet,caring dog ever and my chihuahua is the most sassy,sweet,caring,adorable dog ever and they both are very smart and sweet peanut my chihuahua is still learning though and I’m training him but he’s learning and he’s a puppy my poodle gizmo is very old and is going through stages and he growls and gets grumpy every time someone goes near peanut

    Edit: I’m saying this cause I want people to know that dogs are more than just adorable, dogs have a big personality and are very intelligent.

  2. The first puppy is MIN HOLLY!! His daddy is MIN YOONGI aka MIN SUGA!!
    Holly always make Suga’s heart hurts because he so cute. And Suga always make my heart hurts because he’s also too cuteee

  3. I have the same dog a brow poodle I got my dog for Christmas he was cabbie and cute with curlier hair and his name is goofy

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