Cute stray puppy || without mother || this video will make you cry

Cute stray puppy || without mother || this video will make you cry
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About the Author: pranav choudhari


  1. U did a great job I really appreciate you take care of the pet after some days u r parents also accept this cute pet because the pets are better than humans

  2. Your parents don't like pets, but you decided to take care of this little one, you are right, because caring for a homeless little puppy is not wrong, this little puppy melted my heart ???. That's why l want to say thank ??????you

  3. You are lucky bro! To have got the chance to shelter and take care of an orphaned puppy! God bless you!
    May God give you the power for a gd bond with the puppy!

  4. Aw so cute you did a good job kid I feel bad for Shiro because his brothers and sisters are adopted and his Mother died by an accident I’m really sorry Shiro for your family have fun with your good owner Shiro I hope his brothers and sisters are fine and thank you God for keep Shiro alive by his true owner Godbless as well guys

  5. You saved his life great on you and I’m sure he will save your life millions and millions of times over if you don’t want him I will take him shiro is such a gorgeous good boy I’m sure he will love you and your family unconditionally he chose you so please look after him

  6. love u brother u did an awesome job, but my humble request please dont leave him for any reason, dogs will think us like a god and its more affectionate to the person whom he is trusting… dont beat for any reason , take him walking twice a day, give proper food , and take care him from social animals(who are named as humans who drive cars and bikes)

  7. + pranav choudhari

    You've done a very good job taking this little guy in. Please remember that a pet is a big responsibility, as much as it is a joy.

  8. Take him to a vet, hold him and pet him, and please give him a warm soft bed inside your house, not outside. If your parents don't like shiro inside, then please give him to someone else who can take care of him and will love him like you tried but your parents couldn't.

  9. What goes around comes around did the right thing
    Regardless of your parents
    Much Love To You?❤?
    To You and Shiro have a Good and Happy Life Togeather

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