I Love Pets | Badanamu Compilation

I Love Pets | Badanamu Compilation
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Our pets make us happy. Let’s show how much we love them by taking care of them and keeping them healthy.

Tracks included:

1. Cute Little Puppies
2. Three Little Kittens
3. Get the Pet Wet
4. Mary Had a Little Lamb
5. Fat Cat Mat
6. Five Little Monkeys
7. Pig in a Wig
8. Itsy Bitsy Spider
9. Hoot Hootie Hoo
10. Six Little Ducks
11. Little Butterfly
12. Jess and Curly Had a Farm
13. Party on the Ocean Floor
14. This Little Piggy
15. Three Sick Kittens
16. Bada Food Patrol
17. Together We are a Family
18. Po Pow Pay
19. Skip to My Lou
20. Ponytail
21. If You’re Happy and You Know it
22. Dino Bus
23. Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes
24. Hop Pop Stop
25. Down by the Station
26. I Got Boots
27. Mulberry Bush
28. I Spy
29. Let’s Play Hide-and-Seek
30. Work on our Fitness

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  1. Next time I see my mum's friends daughter then I will show this to her! She will love it thank you Badanamu!
    Btw I'm Seven and I'm in love with this show! I've started watching this since 2012 which is when I was 2 – 2019 Thursday, May 30th!

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