Special Dogs That Just Need Some Extra Love | The Dodo Top 5

Special Dogs That Just Need Some Extra Love | The Dodo Top 5
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Rumors about special needs pets are completely fake — here are some examples of dogs that needs a little extra love and will change your life in the best way possible! For more information on these pups and their programs check the description.

Shelter Dog With Crooked Mouth Is So Happy Now | For more of this super happy pup Squish, check him out on Instagram: http://thedo.do/squish.

Dog Born With Only Two Legs Gets Her Very Own Wheelchair | To help more dogs like Chispi find the perfect forever home, you can support the ASPCA’s #FindYourFido campaign: http://thedo.do/fido.

Dogs Get Special Chairs To Help Them Eat | To help more dogs get a second chance, you can support Bailey Chairs 4 Dogs: http://thedo.do/bailey. Special thanks to Best Friends Animal Society: http://thedo.do/bestfriends.

Dog Who Couldn’t Stand Or Walk Just Wants To Be Loved | Starfish is looking for a forever home with no dogs and a parent who can help her with physical therapy; if you can provide the right home for, contact Austin Pets Alive: http://thedo.do/starfish. You can also sponsor her ongoing foster care: http://thedo.do/apa.

Sweetest, Smartest Blind Dog Loves Playing Fetch | For more videos of this special pup Sadie, visit: http://thedo.do/sadieblinddog.

Santo Rico by Twin Musicom is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/…)

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  1. Ok so, no offense but, they kinda looks like a dog in a soft body suddenly freezing midway through getting slapped
    Still cute tho
    10/10 would attempt squish

  2. How could anyone Hurt a helpless animal that can only wine and beg for mercy these people are hero’s for what they do from saving abused animals or adopting deformed or special dogs

  3. Beautiful pets…….and I too have previously adopted pets with serious facial issues……After lots of good food and TLC their body heals and well as their mind.

  4. This video initially makes me so angry, knowing evil hoomans did this to him on purpose…..seriously my dragon would come out and inact some eye for an eye justice back on them if i met them in person…….. I'm glad doggie pulled through, tough lil fooker and a big hug to all the kind hoomans who helped him……I think hes adoreable and would adopt him without hesitation???‍♀️

  5. thats what i love about Dogs,they never feel sorry for their selves they just get on with it….Bless them all..

  6. Years ago all of these animals would have been euthanised ,it shows you how far we have come understanding that disability in animals is not the end they can still have a good life and enrich ours .god bless the little warriors and the earth angels that go the extra mile to care for them ???????

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