THERMAL CAMERA captures Real Ghost Walking in Haunted Forest (Ghost Caught on Thermal Camera)

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Our Thermal Camera captures a Ghost Walking in a Haunted Forest during our paranormal investigation of a residence in California. The thermal camera was being live streamed during this live ghost hunt on YouTube during the time this footage was captured. The ghost can be seen manifesting out of thin air then vanishes into a tree.

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  1. in Islam, jinn (ghost) are are made of smokeless fire so it make sense that you can see it with those camera. another miracle from the Quran, Allah is the greatest. you need to turn to Islam and read ayat tul kursi. that is our final hope. and i tell you from great experience( 6 years of jinn possession and trust me that Islam is your final hope). jinns are ghost. jinn control everything and there goal is to make everyone not follow Islam .

  2. I think a lot of people claim to be experts but their is no such thing. I have a hard time believing that no one walked over to see what it was since they both claimed to see something. I am a bit surprised the Author had a Live Video feed for the first investigation. But, I did see an interview with her and she is so down to earth, normal and believable. I believe her. I do not believe that a group searching for strange occurances actually get video (every) time they investigate but it is great entertainment. Good show. Thanks.

  3. dude, i thought you were full it. But that was a great catch! That was a, despite Dovers opinion, a apparition because it was in motion. If it was stationary or blending in with the environment then it could have been a bush or lower branches, This sucker was moving.

  4. Slender Man was created in 2009 as part of a photo contest. It's become an internet sensation, but it's not paranormal. It was a photo contest to show something paranormal in a pic that had been altered to appear as such. Why suggest you are seeing something that isn't part of actual lore?

  5. How much does a thermal camera cost?! Please tell me because (I might not be able to get it just yet) but I am going to a hunted building. If they are a lot then I can get them later

  6. Videos like this just piss me off. I have heard so many times that it gets cold in the presence of a spirit. Then when they appear in the FLIR the temp is off the scale. Isn't it suppose to be blue. Or are they walking around in their thermal underwear. Put me on one of these investigations. I will school you on the truth. One big scam. But you scamming all the way to the bank. Wish I would've thought of it.

  7. You know, they say that they see some indians doing ceremonial dances in the woods, well, mystery solved. There's most probably some indians that still live in the woods in the mountain today. After all, how many thousands of years have they lived there? They have every right to live there still.

  8. @LongHairRocker True I guess but many of us watched it live how much more believable can that be! Just saying. 😉

    Tim is the best there is and no BS.

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