Real Ghosts & Entities Caught on Camera? | 5 Scary Paranormal Videos…

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These types of videos are Top5s favourite, but over the years some of the so-called ghosts caught on camera have been dubious, to say the least, and are invariably poor quality and unconvincing, but here we think we have uncovered a few that although divide opinion are worth a closer look…


5. Creepy Feet
4. Mum spots son’s ghost’ on kitchen CCTV after figure triggers camera sensor
3. Plane Ghost
2. The Ghost Of Mrs Hopkinson
1. Ghost Stalks Drinker

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  1. ?That airplane ?‍♂️shadow will give us nightmares..N he? was accidentally going?‍♂️ towards that shadow?? figure..creepyyyyyyyyyy✌✌

  2. My friend took a demon home from the Merdels plantation. His daughter started seeing thins out of the corner of her eye then it crawled on her ceiling over her bed. She was about 10 years old. They blessed the house and it stopped.

  3. The is a hospital in Geulph Ontario that have pictures on the wall. The place was a sanitorium the early part of the last century. There are pictures where you can see entities in the Windows and pictures with pride who should not be in them one looks like a bishop in the background.

  4. The Planation owners had children, they had slaves & the husband had a particular woman slave (please forgive me for not remembering her name off the top of my head) who he had sexual relations with. He began to loose interest in her & fancied another. Now she didn’t know this ‘til the day she got caught listening in on the master’s private affairs. The slave did this to inform other slaves of any changes coming their way. In a fit of anger the master had ordered her ear to be removed, this was her punishment as well as a warning to others. After finding out the master had lost interest in her & that she would have work out in the fields.
    One of the children’s birthdays was coming up & she had asked the cook if she could make the cake to amend her ways with their master & was granted.
    Now her plan was to make the mother & the children a little sick, she would heal them & she would be back in the master’s good graces again. Her plan failed & ended poisoning the mother & 3 of the four children. The youngest, the baby, was too young for cake & was spared from such a horrible death of food poisoning. She did try desperately to save the mother & her 3 children, but after hours of suffering from the food poisoning, they died.
    The other slaves were outraged by what she had done to their mistress & her children that they formed a linch mob & hung her from one of the trees. I’m uncertain which one it was, but I think it was ones closet to the front of the house. That was a common place to hang someone who did wrong to the family who owns the house during those times. It was like a warning to others, you hurt us, we hurt you.
    Why did the other slaves hang one of their own is a question many have asked & the answer is simple. The master was good to his slaves, he did give Chloe (that’s the slave woman’s name) gifts in return for her willing to sleep with him, the mistress was a good woman who ran her home with care and they loved their children as well. They saw the deviation that man felt watching his wife & 3 of his children die a slow & painful death. They felt the Myrtles didn’t deserve that, so they took justice into their own hands.
    The little in this video are of the children who also like playing with mirrors, especially the one in the main entrance, their hand prints can be seen on it, some times you’ll hear children laughing or hear them running. Another time a gentleman had taken a pics of the back of the plantation & a in one of them a figure of a woman standing in between two of the buildings was in one the photos. The woman matched Chloe’s description, including the head dress she had worn to cover her missing ear.
    There have been pics of the children, two where found to be on the roof of one of the buildings. Their mother has been seen walking down the staircase & then vanishing when she reaching the bottom step.
    If you have children and your family is going to visit the plantation, ask Chloe to watch over your children. Chloe I feel really didn’t mean to kill the children or their mother. She was desperate and thought she knew what she was doing & it back fired on her. So now in death she forever watching over children, warning the mother of any danger their child may be too close to. Guess that’s her way of redeeming herself & helping others so they don’t make the same mistake.
    Now 12:53 & I just got goose bumps after typing that last line…someone is agreeing with me.

  5. Not sure about a person coming & letting a family member know that they are ok & in 'Heaven'

    Because, I do believe that it says; the almighty will come & Judge the living & the dead!!..

    So, how can one be in Heaven, hell or Purgatory??. ?

    P.S. how does one Explain so many Sightings..

  6. The plane one was absolutely terrifying at first watch but when I rewatched it, it looks pretty cute like it’s shy and checking to see if the guard left and ducking back like “oops!” It reminds me of pre-cat-form Salem from the new Sabrina. I wouldn’t want to be the guard in this situation, but from the safety of my home that’s a real qt ghost

  7. "Verga!" in this case it can be translated to, "shit", or "fuck".

    When he saw the shadow peeking out at him he said, "no mames!" Meaning. "No fucking way!"

    Then he haul ass lol
    Some cussing expressions can't be translated literally. Especially Spanish cursing words are so rich and kne word has dozens of meanings so you have to go with the context of what is happening.

  8. "Verga!" in this case it can be translated to, "shit", or "fuck".

    When he saw the shadow peeking out at him he said, "no mames!" Meaning. "No fucking way!"

    Then he haul ass lol
    Some cussing expressions can't be translated literally. Especially Spanish cursing words are so rich and one word has dozens of meanings so you have to go with the context of what is happening.

  9. In christian or catholic countries those shadowy figure can always be found. I mean. In rural areas of the philippines especially iny Grandma's house in the province of Batangas, the philippines i have experience especially like the mexico guy footage.I've never seen such thing before in japan to be honest ほんと、 はは。 scary asf. Now I'm living in Bonifacio Global City while studying. And free from seeing scary things like that.

  10. It looks like the shadow on the plain moves 3 times. Initailly it moves light speed then peers out a lil and moves quickly back then one more time and the guy runs… weird

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