10 Insane disasters caught on film.

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10 Most shocking and horrifying moments caught on camera

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10 insane disasters caught on film


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  1. Where is the film? And you missed to take Gernot Reinstadler, worst ski disaster ever! He died in 1991 Reinstadler lost control and crashed into safety nets at full speed, where one of his skis became trapped. Reinstadler suffered a pelvic fracture and severe internal injuries as his organs bled out onto the slope.
    He died later the same night at a hospital, even after undergoing several blood transfusions. There is also a short video to it, if you like to watch it just search his name.

  2. True. I'll show you how you should of done it,'
    10 Still Pictures Taken from Footage of Films that Caught 10 Insane Disasters on Camera with Narration to Make it Look Like Your Watching 10 Insane Disasters Caught on Film,…..Film,…..Caught on Film,….Film,…I think?
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  3. This guy oviously did not go to school because he doesnt know the difference between film and photo. At least put a good title before realising the video god???

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