People Are AWESOME *Slam DUNK Edition*

People Are AWESOME *Slam DUNK Edition*
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High-Flying, Rim-Breaking, Head-Over-The-Rim DUNKS that will blow you away! The things these guys can do are out of this world, just proving that PEOPLE ARE AWESOME! Follow us on social media:


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  1. I recall an article in Sports Illustrated (back in the 1970s) where they featured high jumpers that could get chest high to the rim — like shown at 2:01 in the above video.

  2. 15 years ago, these dunks would of been amazing. But now, anyone who can dunk are doing them. Same dunks over and over, jumping over people/cars, 360's, between the legs, etc….it's still impressive, just over done..

  3. We must stop the misuse and the abuse of the poor 10 foot rim, the 10 foot rim goes through deep anxiety and extreme depression when it sees these people, major ptsd, these athletes are too bouncy, we have abused the 10 foot rim much too long and it cant handle it anymore, I saw a 10 foot rim go into a psychiatrist office the other day, let's give it a break before it's too late, meanwhile the 12 foot rim has more confidence and better self esteem

  4. people are not awesome. some of them are, many are not, they are just sheep. stop with this nonsensical celebration of the human race.

  5. To me it is sad that they can jump out of the gym but can't make it to the League…smh!!! Did they forgot how to play basketball? There are dudes who can look down in the rim…sick and yet we know you from YouTube videos! I played basketball and could dunk but nothing like these guys. I wish had their hops to go along with my game. I'm sorry but some of y'all should be in the league erasing shots off the glass and dunking over people. Somewhere along the line a less talented player put it on you and made the team and now this. SAD!!!

  6. How much do you think they lower the rims to make it a better show? Even putting it at like 9'10'' or 9'9'' would be unnoticeable but would make everything look so much better

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