Top 10 animal rescues – 6 years Takis Shelter

Top 10 animal rescues - 6 years Takis Shelter
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Takis shelter has been running for 6 years. These are the top 10 most heart wrenching and touching rescues so far….

This is the Official Takis Shelter channel. This is the shelter’s one and only channel. Every small donation is greatly appreciated and it is directly used for the rescues and the welfare of the animals at the shelter.
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IBAN : GR43 0140 6620 6620 0233 0001 066
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  1. Wonderful overview of all the animals. I have seen the videos before but every time I look at them, I get emotional – either angry when thinking of the abuse, or relieved and happy when I think of the outcome of their lives. Sad for the ones that didn't make it, but they probably wouldn't have lived any longer if they had been adopted due to age and illnesses. Good job Takis.

  2. Wow.
    All those beautiful babies rescued by Takis.?
    This video gives you an insight into how hard Takis works, and lives for the animals.
    His parents picked the perfect name for this wonderful man.??❤️xx

  3. Give credit where credit is due. This man his given animals a chance to live and die happy and with dignity. If an animal was too far gone don't you think Takis would do what's best for any animal of course!

  4. To the people that wrote the messages saying Black should be put down. Shame on you!! So would your advice for me that has had my dog from a little puppy and is now 15yrs. old that because she got glocoma and she can no longer see should be put down??!! She walks, wags her tail , plays with her toys and other dogs, eat, sleeps poops, ALL the things Black can still do by the way but because she is old and blind I shouldn't let her live??!! Next time know the whole story before you run your mouths. Black is happy and living life just like my little girl. So if you were in a wheelchair and had cancer should your family consider the same for you!?!?!

  5. Heart breaking rescued, anyway thank you so much for everything you've done and for everything that you're about to done in the future. And I know that endless blessings are ahead of you. Thank you once again and my prayers are with you.??

  6. Shame on the people that criticised his decisions. He is the saviour to all the animals that cross his path. bravo Takis bravo. Xxx

  7. I’ll never understand how people can leave animals in which you found them in. B-r-a-v-o Takis!!! Bellissimo ! ?❤️

  8. Thank you very much for what you do. You deserve the glory. I ask forgiveness to those poor tortured animals by stupid humans.
    Blessings to Takis from Mexico City!

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