Rescue Greyhound Dog Loves To Race Around His New Forever Home – BLUE | The Dodo

Rescue Greyhound Dog Loves To Race Around His New Forever Home - BLUE | The Dodo
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Rescue Greyhound Dog Is So Happy To Race Around His New House | This woman rescued a dog from racing and made him her BABY. For more of Blue’s adventures, you can check him out on Instagram: Special thanks to Kimberley for sharing Blue’s story with us! If you’d like to share your awesome animal videos with us, you can submit them here:

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  1. i had a rescued greyhound called blue,one of the best dogs i have had the pleasure of sharing life with.
    my kind of story about my kind of dog,had these and whippets all my life,they are very loving and vocal.

  2. Lovely dogs, soppy things the ones iv met lol good for you getting him, another thing, iv never had a smart dog, I think the dozy ones look at me and think aah he's thick, he will do nicely??

  3. The joy of adopting a dog and seeing it come back to life is pure bliss. There's nothing better. Out to adopt – Rescues Rock

  4. Have fun! What a beautiful story of dog and you! At the beginning I began thinking how maybe the broken leg was a blessing in disguise! Lo and behold you thought the same! Gorgeous doggie because of their sensitivity in my opinion plus physical appearance! Enjoy!!

  5. Some dogs are just dogs ……cute……but really don't care about much. Then there are those who seem to have a sense of the world, people & other animals and how it all works!! They are far smarter than most humans! Blue is one of these dogs!!! This Greyhound truly lucked out with his new family……good for him!!! I'm also so glad the owner taped everything of Blues life. So, we can actually see what he went through and how his life was & is now!!

  6. i could only watch your video up til you started talking about his racing days!!! didn't want to hear more. we had a retired greyhound!! Tammy taylor!!! she was just wonderful!!! we had her til she passed at about 13. we had our weimareiner when we got Taylor. Tessa tried to alpha dog Taylor and Taylor would just ignore her!!! they became the best of buds!!! Taylor was on the smaller side, compared to some. she was a big couch potato one of the sweetest dogs we've had.. miss her terribly!!! enjoy every minute you have with your boy, Blue!!! thanks for your video of him!!

  7. He is beautiful. Beautiful face. He is now a happy boy! I know how to play! Look! Look at me! He is a Blau dog. Very famous! His eyes just speak love, and joy now. He is looking into your soul.

  8. Omg, he's so cute and funny. I love the way he stares at you! Ha! And uber expressive, aye?

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