Puppies Making Cute FART Noises (2 weeks old)

Puppies Making Cute FART Noises (2 weeks old)
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**Please LIKE/FAVE/SHARE** Cute Puppies making adorable sounds. These Saint Bernard Puppies are 2 weeks old and the most adorable ever. They make the cutest sounds you have ever heard. This is the first of a number of videos that will feature these cute puppies. The mother, Cully (aged 2) gave birth to a total of 12 puppies!

Only two weeks old and these charming little cuties are already more than the size of two hamsters. They are all so playful now and their eyes are just starting to open up so that they can see the world around them 🙂

This video is a response to:
“sleeping puppy…TOO CUTE!!!”


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  1. This is literally my favorite video. These Saint Bernard puppies are so cute! Their noises are literally the cutest thing I ever heard!

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