More than 350 Animals Rescued in Georgia

More than 350 Animals Rescued in Georgia
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The Humane Society of the United States and several Georgia-based organizations were called in by the Habersham County Department of Animal Care and Control to assist in the rescue of more than 350 animals from a Habersham County, Georgia, property.

The Humane Society of the United States, Cornerstone Animal Hospital, Humane Society of North East Georgia, Gwinnett County Animal Welfare and Enforcement, Cashiers Highland Humane Society and PAWS Bryson City assisted the County Department of Animal Care and Control with the rescue and removal of all of the animals. Victoria Stilwell, a dog behavior expert from Positively, was also assisting in this case.


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  1. to all the people who shop or breed instead of adopt, well, here's 350 dogs you could have saved instead. think about the greater good!

  2. I adopted the dog in the far back middle of the three dogs at 0:13
    She's so happy and cozy now and loved by me and whole family! She loves to play in the park and go on shopping trips and holidays.

  3. I cry not for the owners but for the people who cared enough to go out there and give these animals who have been abused and forgotten a new life were they will be loved and remembered each day.Thank the world for producing these kind hearted people and thank the people for being so kind hearted!

  4. These abuses have been going on all over the country for many years, ever since callous, greedy, and soul-dead people discovered that there is money in cruelly forcing dogs to be puppy machines and then selling the puppies through pet stores. I am thrilled that awareness is growing and animals are being freed from these hellholes. The south has traditionally been bad about protecting animals, but here are a lot of puppy mills in Kansas, Missouri, Pennsylvania……. Some Amish run puppy mills, which was a shock to me. In order for the torture to be stopped, people have to push for animal protection legislation. The individual states have to create laws that protect animals from cruelty and neglect, and once those are in place, law enforcement, the HSUS, and other rescue organizations can step in.

  5. See now, kids, we wouldn't have to euthanize so many animals if jerks like whomever was "running" that place wouldn't just breed dogs like crazy. Don't let things like this happen, be a good pet owner.

  6. It's great some of them dogs will get the care and attention they need but the sad truth is the ones that gets left out and not adopted are put to sleep and cremated..if I could ever win a big lottery I'd give those who gets overlooked a big fancy yard and dog houses to live out the rest of their days naturally and happy.

  7. I so wish you guys would make your videos a bit longer — it would enhance the already compelling nature of what you are showing the world. PLEASE? Thanks, Jenny NYC

  8. so nice to see you saving all these poor animals !! what great work you all do over and over again!!! you are all am inspiration everytime i see these animals from all over get saved im relieved with joy!!!i will continue to donate! thank you/

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