5 Twitch Streamers Who Caught Ghosts on Stream!

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Top 5 Twitch streamers who caught ghosts and “real” scary paranormal activity and mysterious events caught on live stream video!

We count down some of the creepiest Twitch streamers who caught ghosts LIVE

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  1. 9:27 its fake, when he goes to open the door, it suddenly stops and you see a shadow behind the door seemingly presenting the video as fake.

  2. That Rubzy…
    Usually when it spooks like that around me, i get mad. I get angry at whatever is doing that…
    Be it a ghost or someone with a well performed prank, i only find it annoying.

    Every now and then something falls in my kitchen. I get angry at that fact because i have to get up and see if my cat did it or something else happened.
    By now i turned a bit lazy and let it depend on heavy objects falling before i get up. But soon i will install cameras in the spooky areas of my house and let you know.

  3. That last one is FAKE. Im shocked u havent noticed that when he turns the light off for the second time. He flicks the switch. Nothing happens as well as u see him look at the person hiding, laugh, u hear a click of the hiding person flicking the other switch like a quater of a second after he does… just listen u can easy here 2 clicks and his one does nothing

  4. There Are no dead people causing paranormal events only demons manifesting.
    If you believe in God, the Bible says to be absent from the body us to be present with the Lord. It's all demonic manifestations.

  5. I really hope the last guy took his cat with him ? I would immediately take my pets with me. No reason why they should have to be scared while I leave

  6. On yhe last video look at the left side of the couch too. Something white is there then goes down…. While he is looking at the light, when he gets up to check the light thing out…

  7. When rubzy says hes watching the door, he can see whats behind him onscreen. but earlier his friend had to tell him the light came back on even though he could already see behind him?

  8. WTF man that Rubzy dood showed some staying power hows puttin up with that shit for two hours made for a grouse video though well dun mate good luck to all from victoria Australia

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