Watch Thousands of Dogs Run Free in This Magical Sanctuary | Short Film Showcase

Watch Thousands of Dogs Run Free in This Magical Sanctuary | Short Film Showcase
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Nestled in the mountains of Costa Rica, the Territorio de Zaguates no-kill dog shelter is heaven on earth for more than 1,000 rescued stray dogs.
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Founders Lya Battle and her husband Alvaro Saumet have been taking in strays from the streets of San José for more than a decade. Upon arriving at the sanctuary, each animal receives its own name and has free reign to roam over 378 acres of lush tropical land.

In Land of the Strays by filmmaker Adrian Cicerone, see what drives the passionate woman behind this canine oasis and hear her story of rescue and redemption.

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To see more of Territorio de Zaguates, check out this National Geographic photo story with British photographer Dan Giannopoulos.

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Watch Thousands of Dogs Run Free in This Magical Sanctuary | Short Film Showcase

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  1. I know our creator JEHOVAH GOD will bless this woman for showing love compassion and a better life to his creatures. They should set a go fund me page for monetary donations to provide the dogs with medical care food and building shelter homes and adoption agencies for them. We all can have a part in showing compassion. May JEHOVAH help her always for the kind heart she displays.

  2. I dont like people as much as I like dogs and animals but it's people like this woman that are my very last hope for humanity. People who care for animals like this have the largest ❤'s and are 100% accepted and cared about by me.

  3. Too bad the costa rican gov dumps the responsibility on them and them and regulates the he'll out of them sucking their $ away with no help


  5. Maybe this is how prison should be, I mean non-violent prisoners of course, something like a second chance to rejoin society!….. just a thought!

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