Paranormal Video: Real Ghost Caught on Thermal Camera?

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New Paranormal Video! Was a real ghost caught on a thermal camera at the creepy Olde Park Hotel? Watch the amazing video footage from my paranormal investigation at one of the most haunted places in Texas! Whatever you do, don’t miss the thermal imaging in this video!

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Concho Valley Paranormal

Dan LaFave – The Olde Park Hotel

Watch the full paranormal investigation!


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  1. Could you please work on holding the thermal still and also in full view of the camera documenting it. The guy holding it didn't seem to know enough.
    I've subscribed to your channel because you seem honest. Your not about sensationalism which totally turns me off. Keep up the excellent work!!!

  2. LOOK like someone need to go to videography school to sharpen up "that shaking camera movements" giving me a headache and very annoying "turned off"

  3. I once went in a abandoned house and I got scared its your mind don't lie to people there are no ghosts no shit no nothing don't just scare people ok eXERTIRETARDER

  4. dude good evidence but if you are that afraid of an attachment then work the camera footage away from the action because you panicking about approval of contact like you do is annoying. most hunters dream of feeling the touch from an entity and take the investigation to a deeper level of knowledge. honestly your good at getting evidence but really work on your fear of the attachment. speaking from 1st hand experience of a physical attachment there are prayers and blessings to release the entity entirely which may be what it takes to help move on a wondering soul. please take this advice seriously or unfortunately your never going to really be satisfied with what your doing when you had the opportunity to know more

  5. I feel like you guils would make better vid's if you'd take the camera off of the pod, the noise that it makes when it touches ANYTHING is damn annoying.

  6. Great evidence, Alejandro! I have a couple of thoughts regarding the woman in the closet. Could she have hanged herself because of an unwanted pregnancy? Perhaps she hasn't moved on because she believes that she is a grievous sinner and Jesus won't be pleased with her? I can't think of why else she would stay there, unless she doesn't know that God is Love?
    I think the lady Rosa is extraordinarily beautiful. Would it be possible for Rosa to have made a connection with the female spirit and it was she who was holding her hands? It can't be pleasant to be inside a closet all of the time whether you're dead or alive. What are your feelings on telling spirits there is a better place to be, and by asking for Jesus and the Angels to come get you, they can go to that better place? I don't believe I have heard your opinion on this.
    Thanks for another amazing investigation!

  7. pouhahahaha!!
    that's a lot of bullshit !!
    come one !!
    1 estomacs noise
    2 fingers pass through IR camera
    3 Girls alway cold at their hands ?
    try again !!!
    NEEEEXT !!!

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