Elephant Come To Rescue People

Elephant Come To Rescue People
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This video show the bond between Darrick and elephant Kham Lha at Elephant Nature Park when she think Darrick in trouble, so she rushed to the river and try to save him. This is can show us that, when we treat animal with love, they always paid love back to us.

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  1. From the current in the river, even I thought the man ws in trouble. I wouldn't have done what he did though. The elephant is a better being than I am.

  2. PLEASE: Watch just the video and get rid of your emotions. Noone knows what the elephant is thinking! What do we see? The man is swimming. The elephant, who knows this man, goes into the water towards the man. He doesn't want to "rescue" him, he just wants to meet him or play with him or whatever, but CERTAINLY not rescue him. Videos like this are lies.

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