Brave People Helps Police. People Are Awesome.

Brave People Helps Police. People Are Awesome.
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  1. 2:28 Jesus Christ that was hard to watch. Terrible police work she got into a very dangerous situation, thankfully there were brave strong men around to save her from committing suicide by criminal

  2. Three kids needed to jump out of the way. What bullshit the car wasn't even heading for the kids. How to make up bullshit and know the sheeples will believe you. He wasn't doing 60 through the park either more like 35.

  3. Bruh that dude in the second to last video is the definition of thug life, that shit was created after him

  4. Imagine putting your own car or life on the line to help cops do the job they're failing to do, let them do it and face the repercussions of failing at their job.

  5. Yeah, a woman cop who needs help from local bystanders to arrest someone is definitely safe, she's not gonna feel more inclined to use lethal force because she's not strong enough to do it on her own or anything like that, definitely not. 100% safe

  6. Skateboarding in the middle of the road??? My definition of middle is completely different considering from what I watched it looked like he was on the side of the road, like not even in a lane. ?

  7. In Massholechusetts they'd arrest the police and good Samaritans then award the criminals million.

    2:30 perfectly illustrates why women shouldn't do men's jobs.

  8. Another useless woman cop. @2:11 I don't know how many I've seen. Stop choosing this as a career ladies you're putting the general population in jeopardy because physically inferior and emotionally terrible. This one on a scale from 1 to 10 gets -1.5

  9. Que legal ????? essa polícia merece ser ajudada , o policial sozinho pegou o indivíduo na mão sem usar a arma , aqui no Brasil três pmerda pega um cidadão na rua , desse a porrada no cara só porque está mau vestido , depois de humilhar o cidadão e ver que o cara não deve nada aí manda o cara ir embora .

  10. 1:45 – THIS is why women don't belong as cops. They get no respect and can't do anything to solve their problem, unless others help out! Pathetic!

  11. И таких людей много кто помогает полиции ,, спасибо им . Мы вам вы нам !

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