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  1. Please share this where you can to bring awareness to this issue.

    I've seen some comments where people say the kittens were never in danger because the snake doesn't have fangs. i should add that all python's and boas DO NOT have fangs (but they can have very large teeth.) they are constrictors they kill their prey by wrapping themselves tightly around them and choking them with every breath the prey takes the snake wraps tighter and tighter in till it is dead.

  2. This is just sad. People will do anything just for some views. The poor mother tried to protect her kids from the snake but wouldn't have to worry if these people didn't set this up. Some people In the world are very sad. I hope thier channel gets terminated ??

  3. Thank god not all of them are like this… but this is mental abuse (first ones) and the ones with the knife is fucking physical abuse. Both animal abuses are terrible

  4. I noticed the snake didn't have any fangs… I don't know much about snakes but I don't think the kittens could have gotten hurt if the snake couldn't bite them

  5. I actually haven’t seen this kind of thing yet probably because I could tell this would puss me off seeing the cats left alone with the snake. I’d beat the living shit out of the kids and when they start to cry, tie them up, and feed THEM to the snake n rescue the cats. The other animal abusers deserve to b abused as well. We r a global society teaching ourselves and our offspring to be selfish attention seeking trash with nor morals n no regard for others. We are teaching to cover up this truth by appearing decent when it is really not. This makes me hate the cowardessness of people for views more. I’m sooooo grateful to u for raising awareness. I knew I was investing my time in a good place when I subbed u! U not only provide adorable cats for us to drool over u educate us as well. The fact that u go above n beyond without trying to seek attention by false means is amazingly commendable. I love too how u make the cats the focus of ur vids, and don’t use it to show urself off for cheap praise. U have a good heart!

  6. This was so stupidly fake when I saw it but I'm glad you brought this to people's attention. But I am still a firm believer that this world is probably doomed, as long as there are those who will do things like this this will never stop and I dont just mean these videos.

  7. They do this for veiws!
    It’s honestly disgusting. I really hope this stops and that their channel gets terminated.

  8. Them kids who filmed it should be ashamed cause the guy filming could of done something and plus this all a set up I mean who walks on a hot daw with a huge stick and happens to go past danger every time……


  9. Some people in this world are horrific they just don't care about our beautiful animals. This needs to stop!
    P.s you must be a very strong and caring person who loves animals like me and I really appreciate your effort in making this important video. Thank you❤❤❤

  10. Also… doesent anyone think that this is not a rescue, BUT JUST ANIMAL ABUSE TO THE SNAKE TO!? Snakes are animals! They need food! He/she must have been starving! In this case, this channel should not have been demonitised, had that video deleted, BUT HAVING THE CHANNEL DELETED

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