This Man Rescues Piñata Animals – Mini-Mocks

This Man Rescues Piñata Animals - Mini-Mocks
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Piñatas have feelings and now they have buttholes. Meet the piñata rescuer making a difference. #MiniMocks

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With Comedy Central’s Mini-Mocks, you’ll get to know incredibly unique people in documentaries that are a minute or less. It’s like meeting unique humans on the margins of society, without the smell.

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#Pinatas #Animals


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  1. With the way SJWs and the far left and going further into the deep end….. There is probably some soy boy trying to save a pinata

  2. I once cried on my seventh birthday because they got me a piñata of Belle from beauty and the beast. I loved her, imagine my dispair when I was told I had to beat her to death.

  3. I think he would not rescue a sky paw patrol piñata because it’s not for boys, btw I was little when I did it so leave me alone chair.

  4. Some of these videos I just think you’re so weird and scary but you know what this man is a true hero he should be in the chapter of heroes in history because you care about nonliving things for heaven sake now that is awesome

  5. john leguizamo had a show once and did a similar skit. I used to think it was absurd, but after listening to AOC and her green new deal this actually seems more plausible.

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