GTA Online Best FAILS of the Week #8 (Top Fails)

GTA Online Best FAILS of the Week #8 (Top Fails)
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GTA Online Best FAILS of the Week #8 (Top Fails)

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  1. No offense but this channel is going down I less you stop gta because that game is over with it’s crappy realistic shit unless people play with their friends and do dumb shit besides that it’s boring with the voice overs too

  2. I was playing gta when i needed a motorbike i saw one i beat the npc down and the npc came running and sat behind me on the bike. I was like hey my dude wanna go rob a bank?

  3. The number one reason you don't play The Bogdan's Heist with NOOBS. Oh man, seriously if your friends suck at the 2nd Act please get new friends.

  4. the oppressor is the most annoying vehicle ever there should be a flip option only for the oppressor. everytime i get off the bike to do something then go to get back on it is somehow upside down?

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