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WARNING: Horror video! Real ghost seen from our car right after exit 5A. Subscribe to see more ghost adventures, new ghost videos, paranormal activity, haunted apartments, poltergeist activity and scary demons/spirits.

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Real ghost videos (playlist):

(Hopefully, the car driver has auto insurance. By the way, the ghost is going to hire a lawyer or an attorney very soon.)

A Yourtubenetwork video.


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  1. Very interesting video! just we will never find out what is really hiding on the "other side"…
    While I have been staying In Italy (Tuscany Region) very old historical town full of churches and decided to hide from sudden sand storm and rain inside of the Churc, just next to the park and square, have captured strange "white skull " on camera, hanging on the wall.. Thought to delete it first, but then decided to upload.. Any Ideas what is that??? its like a skull or someone face..?

  2. I love how everyone is saying how its SOO fake! OF COURSE ITS FAKE! Its ment to make you jump not make you belive that ghosts are very clear pictures that pop up and scream at you…

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