Unbelievable Natural Disasters Caught on Tape Reaction!

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  1. In saudi that flood is like a sand flood everybody was running away even the bridge was coved by mud slide and that car was crash in a pick up truck and the driver of the truck didn't know and because it's traffic jam

  2. I hve been in an earthquake and a cyclone even if u survive it the rebuilding and recovery tenure is the toughest bcoz there is always chaos after that and it gets tougher P.S. the sound of the earthquake is scarier than the experience itself its almost similar to a loud rolling shutter somewhat like constant sound of multiple rolling shutters at defeaning level and that sound later haunts u…….I used to get scared of the shutter sound or any loud sound for a good year after the experience…

  3. I've never really been in a big natural disaster, but I expect to sometime in the future. Hurricanes like Harvey will only increase in size, severity, and frequency because climate change provides the perfect atmospheric conditions for massive tropical storms to grow.

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