GTA Online Best FAILS of the Week #10 (Top Fails)

GTA Online Best FAILS of the Week #10 (Top Fails)
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GTA Online Best FAILS of the Week #10 (Top Fails)

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  1. Im the guy who got betrayed by the "Angry Dorito" unfortunately i did not keep that gamertag sooo if you want to you can add me on PlayStation : TacticalDerp2004, or sub to my channel.

  2. The number one fail of the week was really funny!
    It was like Player (I am out of here bye plane.) Plane (Oh no come back here b*tch i’m not dying alone!)
    Lmfao that’s how I like to imagine it!

  3. I genuinely didn't expect my clip to be featured but, I suppose I was completely wrong! Thanks for the feature, mate. Just for additional information in the future, S F O T I is an acronym.

  4. **IDEA**

    What if Rockstar took the horse track at the back of the casino and turned it into an oval race track for cars.

    It would be small but neat, there’s no track or anything like it on the map, it’s all in missions

    Anyone else think this is a decent idea?

  5. Its amazing people still dont know about the snipe method on that import export mission in no. 9. The npc never moves, makes the mission easy with no repair cost… come on man….

  6. I am embarassed to admit I've probably killed myself at least 4 times by jumping out of the Luxor mid-dive and right into the engine.

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