10 TERRIFYING Ghosts Caught on Camera…

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Hailey’s video: https://bit.ly/2vIEKWO
Andrew’s video: https://youtu.be/n66pGLi1klE

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HEY BABES. Today I’m with my best friends in the world Hailey Reese and AndrewTMI to do this video reacting to scary ghosts caught on camera. If you guys want more videos like this make sure to give me a THUMBS UP & SUBSCRIBE! Until next time… ILYSM.

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RGR7cnDHc8M

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  1. the baby video has been talked about I think the baby has some weird strength in his legs. the eyes are from reflection since it's a security camera, that also may be the reason the face looked deformed, security cameras aren't exactly Nikon.

  2. My Furby I had as a kid used to scare me so bad. So I took the batteries out and threw it outside and the next day it was outside still talking. It stayed outside for a really long time and after getting rained on and everything it would still occasionally talk ??

  3. The last one reminded me of something because we have a girl staying with us from Washington state which is across the country from where I am and her neighborhood is really bad with clowns she has videos on her phone of clowns not even just near Halloween like all year round pedos and rapist do it in her neighborhood and her mother no longer lets her walk around outside by herself so she’s happy to be here

  4. My little cousin has a firby and we were at her birtday party and my sister other cousin and i asked the firby "do you like the devil or god it said satin"

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