10 Disasters Caught On Tape

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If you watch the news it seems like there’s a new disaster every day. And maybe there is. Between natural disasters and humans being dumb, you never know when something might go wrong.


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  1. There are a lot of comments pointing out that your voice is annoying. I'm here to offer legitimate feed back.

    I found this video very frustrating. Rather than saying things like "the Hindenburg was filled with flammable gas," you should elaborate. Explain that the Hindenburg was filled with Helium and covered with aluminum powder. Give facts! Those are the kinds of things that set videos apart. Do your research, know your facts, and for god sakes at least sound interested in what your saying

  2. Seriously man your making it really obvious that your reading a script because your fluency is terrible everyone thinks it's your voice but it's just your terrible fluency go back to school I'm eleven and have better fluency

  3. No one injured in 2 parachute planes colliding. The one pilot parachuted, the other plane landed safely. Should have been a disaster though. Space x crash was part of the learning curve. Not particularly a disaster any more than any other never tried technology experiment. That's how you learn.  Building collapse that had been scheduled for demolition for 7 years was cool but really…

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