Funny Bernese Mountain Dog Compilation

Funny Bernese Mountain Dog Compilation
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Funny Bernese mountain dogs and puppies like to have fun! Enjoy of 5 mins cute Bernese mountain puppies 🙂

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  1. My first dog, Heidi, was lucky enough to live to 10. I miss her every day.

    Sad that such amazing dogs generally have such short lifespans.

  2. We lost ours on April 16th this year he was only 6 years old.
    Still feels like yesterday holding him while he drifted away. 🙁 Hopefully he's up there playing with his old buddies.

  3. The dogs in the vid were cute and all, but they also reminded me of my own bernese mountain dog i once had. Her name was molly, she was born in august 1999, just like me, but she passed away when she was 13 years old. Now i'm almost 20 and thinking about her still males me cry.

  4. I just did a personality test to determine which dog suits me best. Bernese mountain dog was the recommendation.

  5. This great bit monsterous dogs are just so adorable and they want nothing but to love things and the fact that they're rescue dogs just AAAAHHHH! I want one!

  6. I have never once watched a video about these dogs but I’ve said lots of times that they’re my favorite breed and I want one when I’m older this is weird asf

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