5 SCARY Videos of Ghosts Caught On Camera !

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The Top 5 scary videos of ghosts caught on tape! Bizarre and creepy videos of a poltergeist, shadow people, and every other form of supposedly real ghosts and paranormal activity caught on video. Plus two exclusive scary clips sent in by viewers.

Scary things caught on camera and witnessed in real life by ghost hunters. Creepy videos of hauntings, eerie encounters, abandoned places, and things that go bump in the night. A ghost girl in a haunted house and a strange apparition. Haunted places, including one ghost hunters scary encounters in a haunted house. Are these video mysteries real or fake? You decide.

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and Real Ghosts Caught On Camera? 5 SCARY Videos https://youtu.be/97o3qAQDeeU


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  1. Ghosts are a thing, no doubt about it, sorry. The Texas cooler though is probably the metal housing of the cooler buckling from temperature variance, I'd have to assume that the colder metal sprang into motion as it began expanding slightly to the heat of the outside environment.

  2. in the reality of the unseen afterlife is only the new life of the deceased. demons is a way of calling them assholes for they do

  3. The guy working in the corner store ……why did you even bother adding that one ? Must had been a very slow week for you .

  4. This has been popping up in my recommendation and I didn’t want to watch it cuz the thumbnail looks ssooooo scarryyyy. But I collected all my courage to click this and let it go. Sry what was i saying?

  5. What I like about Nuke's videos is that he actually uses clips from the videos for the thumbnail. There might be something added to make it scarier, but I like getting what I came for

  6. I am by nature highly sceptical to any "proof" or recordings where someone stands to gain something by generating a steady stream of content. However I personally believe there is more to death. I've not experienced anything truly definingly paranormal, but I have had a few weird things happened. I never, ever trust videos claiming they're just hearing noises in an old abandoned building or house though. No shit that delapitated and foreclosed buildings make sounds that reverberate or even whistle as air drafts through them through broken windows and rotten boards with holes in them and causes pressure changes all over the place.. or even has wild animals that live there. Hell, even whispers and hard to hear voices would not make me believe for a second it was ghosts.
    I want to believe videos like this and I find them entertaining.. but I never actually believe them as proof. To me they are just that – entertainment.

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