WINCHESTER MYSTERY HOUSE IS HAUNTED! Caught a GHOST on Camera?! | My Halloween Ghost Story Vlog

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I visited the Winchester Mystery House for their Candlelight Tour, and it was awesome! I highly recommend this tour if you want a spook filled night during October.

Watch this vlog for my REAL ghost story from one of my visits to the Winchester House, and listen closely for a ghost caught on camera!


#halloween #vlogween #haunted


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  1. So what's that black, semi-translucent object at 12:30? It seems to have a reflected inage – similar to when you peeked into the garage window? Great vid!

  2. 5:01 I'm actually surprised to see that here. I've had someone read Tarot cards for me, after which I was advised not to mention it. However, to see it here now…
    6:08 Or is he? evil laugh
    12:06 If anyone did tug on your shirt, I wonder if they would admit it, or be like… # It wasn't me #
    I kind of wish that it could have been because that would mean that I'm on the right side of the Pacific Ocean.

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