Sad little puppy with mange in need of urgent help rescued

Sad little puppy with mange in need of urgent help rescued
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A young puppy living on the street was suffering from advanced mange. His body was covered in sores and the top of his head and ears were severely infected. He didn’t behave like a puppy at all. He was so forlorn and scared that it seemed like he didn’t even know what it meant to play or have fun.

But meet Jamie today after 6 weeks of care!

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About the Author: Animal Aid Unlimited, India


  1. Animal Aid Unlimited you guys rocks thank YOU for saving the precious puppy. You all at animal aid unlimited staff deserves everything in gold bright medals and a shinning bright stars. Keep up a good work rescuers.

  2. è una vergogna ridurre così questi Angeli grazie di averlo salvato e curato grazie siete fantastici,,!!!!!
    ciao piccolo buona vita amore,,!!!spero che trovi presto una famiglia che gli voglia bene ciao piccolo,!!!!???????

  3. I proud you are so nice life line work I salute you animal+. Can I meet you I am leaving MP what your address please detail me & I join you& I open in my area animal aid . I see all your video .

  4. Todos vocês são Anjos enviados por Deus Nosso Senhor e Jesus Cristo aqui para esse nosso Plano Terreno para salvarem vidas de outros Anjos. Gratidão Gratidão Gratidão. Amo há todos vocês….. ???

  5. These heroes are very much needed in India when there are so many stray dogs. Support and donate please. I try to do the same even at least $5 a month.

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