Nairobi, Kenya: Things To Do and Street Food (Travel Video)

Nairobi, Kenya: Things To Do and Street Food (Travel Video)
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101 Things to Do in Nairobi (Click HERE now!)

Nairobi is a fascinating city in the heart Kenya. Located in the highlands of the country, Nairobi enjoys a cool climate.

This video is a small Nairobi travel video documentary showing a few of the fun and entertaining things to do in Nairobi!

From riding an ostrich to eating Kenyan street food, Nairobi is a city that offers a piece of something for everyone!

Don’t miss out on these great things to do in Nairobi!

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  1. Wow, I finally found the older vids!!! I heard you had a ponytail but had to see for myself. Still going strong as ever… keep it up… but please, no more rhino poo!!!!

  2. I'm Indian spice man my life been in to food game I travelled 14 countries many in Africa I love that close to nature life style but now it's become to very western materialistic with artificial colours flavours and unhealthy habits of totally lost it's own root's and culture's values most rich are no more local but outsider's soul in local bodies in there… SERIOUSLY ?

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