Best Fail of the Week: Bad Kitty! (April 2018) | FailArmy

Best Fail of the Week: Bad Kitty! (April 2018) | FailArmy
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What’s up, guys? We have a brand spanking new compilation chock full of the best fails of the week! We have a misbehaving cat, an unfortunate game of darts, and more! Submit your videos to!


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Guy Gets Wind Knocked out of Him After Friend Kicks Ball
Woman Drives Directly Into Sign in Parking Lot
Man in Santa Hat Drops Bottle While Riding Bike
Duo Slips on Floor Playing Spoons
Baseball Hits Girl’s Helmet at Batting Cage
Guy Tumbles Over Ledge With Smoke Grenade
Woman Dancing in Heels Falls Over on Stage
Frozen Car Door Won’t Close on Highway
Guy Blows Air Horn Over Sleeping Friend
Tree Falls on Shed and Fence
Toddler Devastated After Wind Takes Balloon Away
Guy Throws Dart Into Co-worker’s Computer Screen
Boy Tries to Backflip on Bed
Bald Guy Falls Through Icy Surface of Swimming Pool
Guy Repeatedly Pranks Stepmom With Air Horn
Guy Falls off Caster Board While Riding Down Hill
Seagull Steals Fry From Woman’s Hand
Ball Flies into Camerawoman
Bridge Shears off Top of Semi Truck
Guy Launches Skateboard Into Friend’s Nuts
Pitbull Slips on Ice While Running up Steps
First-Time Wakeboarder Awkwardly Falls into Water
Cat Knocks Legs out From Under Toddler
Guy Rides Flying Mattress
Mom Falls on Face After Pushing Girl on Rope Swing
Driver Freaks Out After Truck Tire Explodes in Front of Car
Man Loses Board While Kiteboarding
Guy Changes Friend’s Car Horn to Play Video Game Tune
Dizzy Guy Falls After Hitting Piñata
Father and Son Fall off Spring Rider at Playground
Guy Tries to Ski Down Stairs
Guy Hits Himself in Groin With Poi Ball
Guy Drops Own Birthday Cake on Floor
Guy in Raft Pulled by Speedboat Skips Across Water
Skier Bellyflops in Snow After Backflipping off Ramp
Girl Washed Into Ocean by Large Wave
Toddler Interrupts Dad’s Video Game
Girl Throws Soccer Ball and Breaks Mirror
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  1. 1:54 3:34 I tell people not to do things like that to me as I both startle easily and lash out as a reflex. A guy I knew didn't listen and pulled that by walking up behind me with an air horn. Unfortunately he was too close and when I swung I broke his nose. He didn't want to be my friend again.

  2. If you think the first tubing one was a “best fail” I’ll try and record when we go tubing. I get launched 20+ feet in the air half the time.

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