Eerie Footage Taken by Personal Trainer Shows Apparent Ghost of Ancient Castle

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A personal trainer got quite the fright when he filmed what he says was a ghost, lurking in the window of a castle in England. “I didn’t see the figure until I watched the footage back, but the whole time I was in the castle I felt something watching me,” Tony Ferguson, 33, told Caters. Ferguson says he believes the figure is a spirit of a former castle caretaker, whom he met during a previous visit to the castle.’s Keleigh Nealon ( has more.


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  1. “ the man thinks it’s the same spirit he saw in the same place at the same time on the same visit. “

  2. People won’t believe in Ghost unless they personally experience it. And even then it’s still hard to 100% believe. Me and my ex both saw a spirit at the same time in her grandmas old house and it’s still hard to believe even today.

  3. Good one yah usually all these ghost videos have the same dam videos over n over again. Finally I see different footage which was very creepy I might add.

  4. The only believable issue I have with the whole photographic, or encounter related stories, is the clothing…Ghosts wear clothes? Our clothes pass over with us, when we die? I doubt it. And when the image is wearing a particularly "celestial" or otherwise, eerie type of clothing….Uhm, no… I don't buy it. More nondescript (misty, etc.) images, or altogether invisible entities; Now that, I can digest.

  5. I do believe in the paranormal but come on. Just because you film something that is odd, doesn't mean it's paranormal.
    I'd like to see an analysis of all videos and pictures in footage.
    For example, why is it only a snippet is shown of a man looking at a baby in the night. For all anyone else knows, it could easily be facked as just a mask on the floor.
    The hand on the leg proves nothing. It could have been a prop.
    This video dosn't prove anything.

  6. The guy in the window obviously got in there… through the window.
    The hand in the family photo could easily have been placed there in photoshop.
    That person staring down at the kid, may just be a guy. It could even be a security guard.
    The Blob or Orb, is just an insect flying too close and thus out of focus.
    There's no baby ghost on the monitor. That's pareidolia. There's actually nothing there, but our brain puts something there
    because it resembles a face. It could also be a doll, placed there to look like a ghost.
    Fame by TV is often a good motivator to fabricate such stories.

  7. A Ghost? A discorporate human personality that survived bodily death? I have to admit I've never seen a Ghost so my empirical evidence is zero, what I have seen is the complete opposite, A body that has outlasted the existence of the personality and that is far far more horrifying than any ghoul or ghost you hope to glimpse upon

  8. So we're going to ignore those two glowing eyes in the dark at 1:40 and only pay attention to the apparition? Okay…

    Edit: Not sure what those would be so I assumed they were glowing eyes.

  9. I'm 15 and I know people living with ghosts is not fun. I live in Riverbank California and I could help people who live with ghosts and any bad things they have but I could only help the ones in riverbank because I don't have the money to go to other places cause I'm still a teen. I lived with my family in a pink kind of big house and there was a small tunnel on the ground. I was 7 yrs old and got hunted with the toys my sister and brothers had. Everytime at night I wake up went to the restroom and I heard scratches on the door after being done in the restroom I open the door nothing. I went to the living room and saw the bear in the chair that when I realized something was there. I wasn't scared because I knew if I get scared the more they scare you and I also didnt went anywhere near it cause if you do you'll only make it worse because your basically making them feel uncomfortable. So what I did is to just stay of it intelligently day I woke up had a scratch and a bruise but it didn't hurt. The more you stay of from them the more they go away. It took 3 weeks until it left but it left the house and went in the garage that's when I went at night in the garage and I forgot what I did that my mom and dad were scared going in the garage because they said at night they saw fire and in day when my mom was home alone going to the garage and wash the clothes they kept throwing things at her until I went back in the garage at night and started doing something I forgot until everytime dad and mom woke up at night everything has stop.

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