Singapore Hawker Food at Holland Drive Food Centre

Singapore Hawker Food at Holland Drive Food Centre
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During my trip to Singapore, one day for lunch I met up with Darius who brought me to Holland Drive Food Centre for hawker food:

There are many many hawker food courts throughout Singapore, and in the Holland Drive area, you’ll find Holland Drive Market and Food Centre, a nice neighborhood style food court with plenty of choices of things to eat. We arrived at lunch time and it was busy, but still manageable and there were plenty of tables. Also, the food centre was nice and friendly. Darius and I split up and start ordering food to bring back to our table. We ordered some yong tau foo, some wanton mee, some braised duck and rice, and some kway chap, and finally a dish that’s known as thunder tea rice which is a vegetarian mixed rice bowl.

The yong tau foo was very good, a seperate bowl of tofu and fish paste dumplings, and another bowl of noodles. The combination was excellent, and I really enjoyed the chili sauce sambal that came on the side. The kway chap, which are noodle sheets with duck and braised duck soup, was also quite tasty with a nice duck flavor, lots of Chinese herbs, and thin soft noodles. But what I thought was possibly even better was the braised duck and rice, a bed of rice topped in slices of braised duck and some duck juice all over the top of that.

Another famous hawker stall to eat at at Holland Drive Food Centre is the thunder tea rice stall – that serves a dish of rice topped in a variety of different vegetables, and finally served with a green tea soup on the side. Overall, it was a little plain tasting for me, but it was a vegetarian dish, but I think it could have used a little chili sauce for extra flavor. Finally for dessert Darius got some chee cheong fun, rice noodle sheets all rolled up and served with a sauce.

Special thanks to Darius and Sarah for inviting us to eat with them in Singapore.

Holland Drive Market and Food Centre
Address: 44 Holland Dr, Singapore 270044
Open hours: All stalls have different hours, but if you go for lunch, the majority of the stalls will be open.


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  1. Mark shows a certain delight every time he speaks about his favourite topic 🙂 His eyes light up, widen, … he starts to nod his head vigorously, and then when he really likes it, his smile stretches from ear to ear. Watching him eat, you almost feel like you’re tasting the food as well ?

  2. I love you guys vlogs. When I'm feeling kinda blue to see these are a pick me up with the different cultures and nations. I really appreciate you guys respect for your vlog viewers and the cultures. Gotten a lot of ideas for dishes to ?. Keep it ☝

  3. This is such a disappointment compared to your previous experiences in other countries. Singapore has good food found all over the island. You cannot simply go to one hawker centre and call it a food tour. The choice of recommendations is quite baffling. We have got bak chor mee, hokkien mee, lor mee, bak kut teh, laksa, chicken rice and so much more. Have somebody who drives in Sg to bring you around for a proper food showcase. Really hope to see a better representation of Singapore food! Pls do make another video and gather better recommendations!

  4. Awesome video Mark like always. My sibling's ad i enjoyed every bit of it. Plz keep visiting such interesting place's ad explore ❤ From India Aisha

  5. Mark why do you stuff your mouth? You hold a lot of food in their, I be be praying for you like, God please don't let Mark Choke. Real talk and how do you keep the weight off?

  6. For the thunder tea rice,you can pour all the soup into the rice,I prefer eating like this.but you don't really have to do it,it just gives more flavour to it.this dish is my favourite!

  7. the wantan noodles not so …there are other yummy Wantan noodles @ hougang st 21 and hougang ave 1 hawker stalls at Kovan mrt . morning time most stalls are open and price are cheap too.

  8. Singaporeans are so fortunate to have all these kinds of food, really good food, easily accessible to them to eat at very reasonable prices.

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