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  1. The amount of vanity in people today is literally disgusting. Nobody wants to see your stupid face. Stop taking fucking pictures of your dumb ass selves and get a real job. Fucking losers.

  2. The pretty chicks also think their breath and everything smells of wonderful flowers and cotton candy when it actually smells of sundried possum roadkill that’s been rotting for about three days in the hot sun. They even kiss after eating. ?????????

  3. steiler Kanal, hab gerade ABONNIERT – bitte besuche mich auch
    mal auf meinem Kanal, über ein ABO würde ich mich freuen – liebe Grüße
    aus der Krupp-Stadt Berndorf/Austria sendet Dietmar Holzinger

  4. And this is why I'll take a hot fun dumb bitch over a fat angry femanazi libtard cunt any day of the week. ?

  5. Thanks, that did help me get through this week. Dude, the last clip was fun. It would have made Alfred Hitchcock proud!

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