Suspected stowaway falls from jet near London

Suspected stowaway falls from jet near London
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The body of a man believed to have been a stowaway who fell from the undercarriage of a Kenya Airways jet approaching London’s Heathrow Airport landed in a garden in the city’s south end about a metre from a person who was sunbathing.

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  1. Some of them are way too shut off from the rest of the world to even know they won’t even survive the first hour of the flight! I traveled there and a Kenyan thought I was a white woman because of my American accent. I am hardly white. Very sad because he probably just wanted a better life.

  2. this is awful news, how desperate do you have to be to risk your life to get to the uk i wish the leaders of these african countries do more to improve there country economically, i hope his family can be traced and given a decent burial RIP

  3. If this had happened in America the whole media would would be blaming Donald Trump call him a murderer thank God it didn't happen here

  4. This happened a few years ago in London and the guy went through the roof of an office block. In fact, it was the release day of the new Bowie album and people queuing at the adjacent record store saw the figure plummeting down at 15,000 feet and thought Ziggy Stardust was making a guest appearance. It wasn't until the figure reached 200 feet and was doing over 900 miles an hour that people realized Ziggy wasn't slowing down. He want through the roof.

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