Hope For Paws Rescue Dog Dying on Trash Heap in Houston

Hope For Paws Rescue Dog Dying on Trash Heap in Houston
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Watch Hope For Dogs Rescue Pit Bull Dying on Trash in Houston on the Dog Saviors Show by the World Animal Awareness Society & WA2S Films.

Hope For Dogs: http://www.hopefordogs.org

Watch as Erika & Sandro Gamez save a neighborhood dog known as mOma from certain death inside an abandoned house in the Sunnyside neighborhood of Houston, Texas

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Narration courtesy of Vocal artist Mark Rider: http://ridervo.com


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  1. Danke, daß ihr so selbstlos den armen auf der Straße zur Hilfe kommt.Nicht auszudenken wenn es Menschen wie euch nicht gäbe.Weiterhin alles Liebe für euch

  2. What an arrogant, heartless Veterinarian. He didn't want to be recorded because he didn't want anyone to see his true colors. Bless your heart for helping these beautiful animals. ??

  3. Im thankful the two black dog's were guarding here from possibility getting killed from other dog's. If it wasn't for them you would never found her!!!

  4. Ok WTH is wrong with texas laws are you kidding you can’t feed stray dogs lets throw the politicians out there with no food so lets have dead dogs dying of starvation instead of trying to help these poor innocent animals that didn’t ask to be there something needs to change out there this is a huge problem!!!!!

  5. I live in Houston and would like to help this organization out. I own two rescued female pit bulls and seeing this poor momma broke my hearts. What is the exact name of this rescue organization in Houston?

  6. God's law overrides man's law. He gave us the command to protect his Earth and it's creatures. So Texas….. I don't give a damn about your ignorant, cruel law. Any animal in need that crosses my path… I will provide assistance to it

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