Baby donkey covered in puncture wounds rescued

Baby donkey covered in puncture wounds rescued
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This little angel must have been so bewildered when his gentle world of mother’s love was turned upside down by an animal attack. We don’t know if it was a dog or even possibly a young leopard from the size of the punctures and scratches covering his backside. Daily wound dressings for a month got him healed good as new, with his mother close by at every turn. A school bus driver had spotted him and called Animal Aid Unlimited to the rescue. Without help, he would have probably soon been plagued by maggots and infection; he wouldn’t have stood a chance. But wow. Meet Snuggles now. Please donate for street animal rescue in India.


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About the Author: Animal Aid Unlimited, India


  1. Heyy guys please help me. .. how can I approach to them?? I saw a baby donkey recently who has severe wounds if hell not be treated then he will die. Please help me. Let me inform that I had approached to a govt vet clinic but they were so mean they don't want to help it. Please help me guys

  2. Cutest little donkey I have ever seen. Thank you soo much for saving little donkey and all the others as well. God bless you all…

  3. Adorable little donkey would have not survived without you guys cuz the animal that attacked him could have hurt him again thank you for healing that adorable donkey and thank you for bringing the mother prepare for him you guys are Angel Sent From Heaven amazing people you rescue animals no matter what you guys are amazing people you should get like 50,000 Awards

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