Off Balance: Fails of the Week (June 2019) | FailArmy

Off Balance: Fails of the Week (June 2019) | FailArmy
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Happy Friday! It’s time for Fails of the Week! This week we have a mom who loses her balance, a very lazy dog, and more!

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  1. Dad fuckin breaks his spine on the stairs
    Kid: I´m hurted too 🙁
    Dad: stfu lil bitch I almost died because of your fuckin car why the fuck are you playing on the stairs with your fuckin car out of all the toys you have bitch!1!?'?'

  2. Heey I am starting my own YouTube Chaneeeeel !!!!!
    It Includes Fails, Animal attacks etc.
    I am uploading daily Videos
    i would be happy if you (yeah YOU) support me !!

  3. Called the captain a pilot. Also why the hell would you get off right when it hits so you'll fall in the water? Did they die from the hit of the ship?

  4. Awesome content you have I just started my YouTube channel with all types of EPIC FAILS and FUNNY MOMENTS I sure would appreciated if you can subscribe and give me some feedback on it 👍🏻

  5. Yo wtf man. I'm having this project in school and the teachers won't stop looking at my screen. Leave me watch my videos , don't worry I ain't gon cheat

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