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In today’s video we’re taking a look at even more of the cutest poodle mixes. This includes a look at over 40 beautiful poodle mix hybrid breeds and let you know what makes them up.

What’s your favourite Poodle mix breed? Comment below and let us know!

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  1. Sorry, but "Cockapoo" isn't right at all…it sounds like the act of flipping crap and corn off of your junk (sorry to be so vulgar). On another note, the Sheepadoodle looks awesome…but, all of those claim the same value as purebreds (that's what I don't get…dogs like that are just "mixed up pups" and command huge money. Oh well, if I'm gonna get a Hienz 57 dog, it's coming from the local shelter. Those animals are on death row and need to be adopted with the quickest.

  2. I own a Jacka poo. Rowdy is the light of my life. He is very loving and also very stubborn and when he wants something he will cause lots of noise and havoc to get it….and he forgets nothing. Highly intelligent and mostly obedient. He needs 2 good hours of walking and play time a day to be happy. He turned 10 on January 1, 2019. Very healthy. Only problems he has is with grass burrs between his toes. I love this cross bred dog with my entire heart.

  3. I disagree and promise I'm not being partial due to the fact that I own one. However, the GoldenDoddle should've at least placed in the top 5. Let's be serious here people ??‍♀️.

  4. Ich könnte mich immer kaputt lachen. Viele Besitzer dieser Rassen bezeichnen die Hunde als reinrassige z.B. Labradodel usw dabei sind sie ganz einfache Mischlinge ?? egal süß sind alle

  5. All of those babies r just soo beautiful… Just beautiful… But I think keeping the true breeds should stay with the same breed….like a poodle.and poodle..but all furbabies r just beautiful …beautiful…

  6. I have a cockapoo and they are the cutest. I like that mixing the flat faced breeds with poodles gave them longer snouts to breathe better. Poodles sure get around!

  7. well i think its getting rediculous all these cross breeds these breeders alt to be shot just making more money instead of thinking about the dogs health, dogs should be mongruels or pure breed not crossed like these dogs are.

  8. So I have this dog named coco. We got her from someone’s house seven years ago and we still don’t know her breed. All we know is that she is a hybrid with a poodle but I tried watching this video and I didn’t find a match. If anyone can help me figure her breed out, I will now describe how she looks. Blonde fur with brown ears, long snout, long tail yeah I know I don’t have a lot of description but I tried. If you recommend common dogs I don’t think itl be it. She does not look like and normal dogs or any hybrids I’ve seen. It’s really shocking, we really want to find out what her breed or hybrid is!

  9. Pekipoo is the only improvement b/c it gives it a little length of snout to improve it's breathing. The rest aren't very good looking. I can't imagine why anyone would ruin the looks of the Cavaliers like this either.

  10. All dog breeds have been created somewhere along the way by mixing one type with another type to enhance the attributes that were desired by the breeder. It is only in the last 2 centuries that people got all snobby about the concept of "pure bred" dogs, much in the same way people get snobby over brand name goods. Dogs are living breathing thinking creatures and if one has the attributes, personality etc. that is desirable to you as a dog lover that is all that should matter to you. No dog is superior to another dog because of it's brand name. Just like no race of people is superior to any other. Doggy love should be the only goal.

  11. They tend to look all the same: all cute, big or small very hairy dogs. The Scottie and Westie lose their iconic upright and pointy ears's charm. The Jack Russell's deep chest and spunky look are hidden under fluffy hair. Etc.

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