The Best Food in the World | BEST Seafood FEAST in Thailand! Try Native Thai Cooking

The Best Food in the World | BEST Seafood FEAST in Thailand! Try Native Thai Cooking
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If you like to eat and travel, watch this for a really special edition of The Food Ranger, where I ate what is without a doubt some of the best food in the world, and ate one of the best meals of my life.
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Thai food is a world in its own, and I managed to chow down on some really epic meals in my short stay in Bangkok. If you come to Bangkok, you’ll need at least a week to have a complete culinary experience.

Restaurants featured:

Boat Noodle Alley-you gotta go to the one with the workers wearing pink. Very easy to find. Exit victory monument BTS and follow the walkway north. Walk halfway around the victory monument, and take the walkway to the right, before it crosses the main road. Go down the stairs and then turn around, take the next left, and you will find the boat noodle alley with all the boat noodle restaurants.

T&K Seafood-Yaowarat, Chinatown
This one is also very easy to find, it’s right on the main street in Chinatown, and is usually the restaurant with the longest lineup. You can’t miss it if you walk through.

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  2. I'm getting fatty by watching your videos😂 btw best shot you have made every time😍❤. Keep it up!
    Best wishes for you & Tintin…. from Bangladesh! 😋

  3. Can't eat any prawns/crab with the shell on it just puts me off- I must of missed out on some good food/flavours before I became vegetarian…

    I can't believe you ate 20 bowls of noodles and not only that but that they were very good value for money also!

  4. Lucky you Trevor. Thai food are the best. I can’t wait to travel there some day. I’m glad you’re enjoying those food. Delicious street food that you can’t go wrong. Thai sweets are to die for😋🤤😋I’m drooling just watching you eat….

  5. having watched every food ranger video, i find this more professional, like its made for tv, anyway i dont like it, seeing this was made 2014 does anyone know if this was a pilot for a tv station.

  6. U dont visit yet in the Philippines? U need to, coz every region has a specialty. From appetizer to main course to dessert. our delicasy from bizar to sweet rice cake u shld try. Suggest to feature. Thanks!

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