HUMAN AND ANIMALS showing love make HEART Melting – CUTE Animals Hugging People

HUMAN AND ANIMALS showing love make HEART Melting - CUTE Animals Hugging People
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HUMAN AND ANIMALS showing love make HEART Melting – CUTE Animals Hugging People
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  1. Animals never love men, god thanks. For animals it is inheritant behavior to avoid social agressions eihter the learned that they can get food doing so or to get rid of parasites.
    But man always wants more and he called this love. But its only pure egoism.

  2. Too many shots of captive dolphins trained to react to humans. NO. NOPE. NEVER. (I did not watch long enough to see elephants. Same response. NO. NOPE. NEVER.

  3. My horse "hugs" me by craning his neck around me when I stand next to him. They love us unconditionally, we should do the same.

  4. All these dolphins have been trained to do tricks, they don't hug humans without conditioning from the very people who feed them. It's sad you people think its cute when infact it's fake and even cruel to the dolphins.

  5. I went on a cruise a few years back,and had the awesome pleasure of hugging a dolphin during an excursion,and it was so amazing!!?I was embarrassed because I cried like a little girl.?Anyone who's ever hugged such a beautiful sea creature knows how emotional it makes you.?

  6. I understand and largely agree with the stance against taking certain animals captive, wild creatures belong in the wild. However, dolphins, elephants and higher primates, which are born in captivity, and know nothing else, especially about humans, would be at a great disadvantage and in immeasurable danger if released into the wild. If all a lion, elephant or an ape knows of humans is the kindness and care in the best zoo in the world, what would it expect from all other humans, even those who would do the animal in question harm? I would also point out that a lot of our love for these beautiful creatures wouldn't have been born in us if we hadn't viewed them in captivity. Be honest, would your appreciation for the beauty and intelligence of dolphins, for example, be as great without having seen one in Sea World? I could be wrong on any or all of these points, but my conscience would not see a creature harmed which was not aware enough to defend itself.

  7. Man is the only animal who can remain on friendly loving terms with all others animals… until… it comes time to eat them !… .hmmm I luv animals… I think they're delicious !

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