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  1. It's really nice that no one ever breaks these fights up but records it and cheers it on. How lovely we are progressing as humans. The world would be good to be rid of us.

  2. id like to start a new movement guys and i need yalls help…this is for all the weaves…that have been effortlessly yank out of heads.tossed to the ground. left if the hot sun to curl up like fries…i'm starting AWM!!!! all weaves matter

  3. Stop acting like you won the fight because she really wasn't trying to fight you back grow up and try to act like a women unstead of a child and both of you need a bath and fix yourself up looking like you climb out of the trash.

  4. That Bitch got her ass beat talkin bout, "Quit pulling hair". Naw bitch, she did WAYYY more than that. She tagged dat ass!! Ha!

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