Hood fights (Girl fight) New)Girls Going Hard Broken Nose 2018

Hood fights (Girl fight) New)Girls Going Hard Broken Nose 2018
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Hood fights, girls fighting, worldstar fights, street fights, fighting, worldstar,girls fights, fighting,Please stop the violence!!!! This is me bringing awareness to the problems going on in our neighborhoods!!! VIEWERS discretion is advised!!! Like comment and subscribe!!! WORLDSTAR!! Cat fight!! Girl fights! Hood fight 2018

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  1. The girl in white won. Notice the whole fight she kept just enough reach so that her punches could connect. The girl in the red was trying to grab her but she couldn’t cause she kept her distance. If you see the girl in the red had open hands, she was trying to grab, because her punches weren’t landing

  2. When you dont understand the basic principles of "boxing" and just go in drumming and take lumps not so good. One hand to defend and one to strike, with occasional 1-2 combo all the while imagining a "box" dip, dodge (bob and weave) and sidestep while remaining in striking range to punch. Jus sayin'

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