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  1. Damn g I know appearance doesn't matter but that dude was like 100 lbs and slept big man. Ay real shit that's why you always respect the dude you are fighting. I never fight "knowing" I'll win or lose. Cockiness gonna get you catching Z's at 3pm and shit ??

  2. Yo black people…you do know this is why cops be shootin yall right? You guys live like animals and have branded yourselves to be low bottom feederes….you guys are killin own selves and dont even know it….instead of helping each other get out of your curtain immidiate problems you guys have such as poverty and education you guys are to busy beatin each other up and filming it…..for what by the way? what was this for? isnt boscoe a blood and the dudes jumpin a blood….so not oinly are they your own brothers and your own kind and your own "stupid gang" the red jerseys or blood whatever stupid names you wanna call yourselves…hes on the same team but thats still not enough? now it minimizes down to "hes not part of our neigborhood"…whats next …."he aint part of our section 8 building unit"….like whwere does it end….just a stupid culture…and then you guys get offended when otehrs call you guys out on how stupid this is….Does this not look and sound stupid?!?!?! why does one have to be racist to call stupidity out? No other races' or ethnicities do this in such large populations as you guys do….and then you guys are also chanting a movement on BLM but cant even fix this problem but demaned the rest of the world to understand you guys…..tha fuck outta here..fix this shit many…In my neighborhood a fuckin black dude shot and killed a vietnamese mom because she didnt let go of her purse…and it was only $20 in there…like she was screamein…they rushed her to teh hostpial and the result was she left this earth a beautiful hard working family….this shit happens every day and is the 3 rd asian mom who got shot this year and its only march…..and i heard asian moms are targets because they cant speak the lanaguage so they dont bother to call the cops…how fuckin sad and frustrating is that….this is why everyone grows to hate you guys…..I dont hate you guys i just want your guys culture to change so badly….very badly…fuck man hurry up and change with taht shit…

  3. Jesus Christ is the biggest piece of shit on 2 feet. Please do not worship this piece of crap. With all the violence and terrorism going on in today's world you must come to realize religion is a waste of time. Christ cannot do a thing for you he could not even save himself from the cross. He was nothing but an overrated piece of shit magician. All religion is designed to keep the week in control. Stay away from the piece of shit name Jesus Christ.Thank you.

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