Top 10 Weirdly Cute Pets You Should Own

Top 10 Weirdly Cute Pets You Should Own
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Cats and dogs are cute, but have you ever heard of anyone owning a muntjac? How about a skunk, Capybara, Tamandua or a sugar glider? Though these pets are quiet controversial pets, many of them make for great pets!

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  1. Pet otters are on the rise.
    Despite them being cute, like water ferrets, there’s a sad fate to the ones that are illegally being smuggled into the exotic pet market in countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, and Japan.
    If I were to purchase an otter, like, the Asian small clawed otter (the smallest otter species) I would prefer looking for a breeder where they’ve already been bred and raised domesticated, then the ones that have been abducted from the wild and sold on the market.
    I mean, the ones that are being bred in captivity, are different then the ones that are illegally taken from the wild, I wouldn’t support that kind of appalling practice.

  2. One note about sugar gliders. They can be pretty LOUD. So are bigs. Rats, sugar gliders and ferrets need pretty big, busy cages. Please if your going to get ANY pets research them.

  3. NO to sugar gliders. These guys are super high maintenance and are frequently marketed to children. Sugar gliders are nocturnal and not cuddly pets. So parents who don't do their research end up giving them away. This stresses out the animals, which need time to bond with their humans. I've had to rescue 4 sugar gliders from parents that didn't do their research.

  4. delete this video. if you don't want or aren't willing to rescue and care for a domesticated pet that could be put down otherwise, then you shouldn't have a pet. evil

  5. Don't domesticate animals and turn them into pets just because they're cute! That's so typically human selfish! If u care for animals, just take care of their planet and leave them where they belong

  6. I really want a Muntjac. How cute. I would try so hard to take amazing care of them if I ever came by one but what a sweet pure little critter it's a purse dog sized bambi that eats basically the same things I do. Also hedgehogs are lovely. Prickly but very cute you will get qwill sticks lol. They take a LOT to take care of well actually cause I have researched it like their enclosures have to be set up quite specifically they take specific cleaning and they spook easily cause they don't see super well. Also Fennec foxes and regular foxes are super cute and sweet too but they will destroy the house you have to get them lots of toys excercise them regularly they need a combination of meats and fruits etc. But like if you want to put the work in some of these actually are good pets. Fennec foxes are crazy but sweet. Hedgehogs are shy and a bit skittish but also very cute and while it takes a lot to prepare to have a hedgehog as a pet they're generally pretty straightforward sweet little spikedogs it's just a lot of work to keep them happy and well. I don't know much about the others on this list but I've researched a lot on foxes and hedgehogs and why I beyond don't have a good setup for them right now but I would totally keep a domesticated or fennec fox or a hedgehog as a pet. They make good unique companions if you're willing to go through the hoops to give them what they need and especially the foxes are like so much fun. I've watched a lot of videos of this guy who had domestic foxes he takes super good care of them they're high energy and mischevious and a tad noisy but they're so cute it's like having a kitten that barks and needs a lot more room and attention to play XD they're literally all the good and bad of both with a hint of ferrets wrapped up in one fennec foxes are a little different than regular foxes too but all are sweethearts they just get a little crazy lol. But yeah it's not necessarily everyone SHOULD own an exotic pet like these but if you do the research and you hear stories from people that have had them about how they behave and it still sounds up your alley and your willing to do what it takes to keep them happy and healthy well then by all means. I think personally animals can have a good life anywhere as long as they're being loved and actually being taken good care of. Like I personally adopted almost every cat I've ever owned as strays except two and some kittens we had to give away. And I had multiple family members who had half wolf or coyote hybrid dogs. My aunt had foxes and rabbits and while they probably weren't given the healthiest diets seeing as the rabbit sometimes ate peanutbutter and chocolate cake.. the fox did chew shoes but ate decently they did both live pretty long and were really happy there and well loved. So you kinda just gotta be willing to deal with the chaos or put in the work but they can make good pets I mean the guy I watch with the foxes his little foxes are the cutest little dorks ever they have such a loving home too. Really just depends. Even cats and dogs can be a lot of work lol. So it's kinda just pick your poison there. Not to mentiom they are right it is illegal to own most of these in a lot of places I think Colorado technically has laws against most of them and most of the "rescue animals" people house which is where I know so many people that had raccoons and foxes actually got them from. And then they just got too attached to actually release them into the wild.

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