WIN Compilation June 2019 Edition | LwDn x WIHEL

WIN Compilation June 2019 Edition | LwDn x WIHEL
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Summer arrived in Germany and after months of complaining about how cold it is we now finally are able to complain about it being too hot – yay! Speaking of “hot”: Here we have the hottest 58 clips of the last month packed into one gorgeous compilation of over 11 minutes length. Hope you like it!

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FYI: Ads and this Infobox-“i” are NOT FROM US. We don’t make a cent out of the compilations, these are from copyright owners of the clips we put together for you.

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  1. Editing was cool. No one wants to watch the music ones long so you play the next clip while keeping the audio.

  2. 7:12
    Sane People – 1
    Flat Earthers – 0
    (fyi, flat earth folks never seem to understand momentum… they think that if you jumped the earth should spin beneath you)

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