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  1. I must play this video everytime, when I saw a horror video with muslims and dogs or another animal…. they torturing them for fun…. 🙁 🙁 We should ban this ideology of terror… People should be like these in this video.

  2. Liked those poor animals are lucky to get help????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  3. sometime i think wrld wud be better place if human species wasnt on earth..but when i see humans do these i think there is a reason we are on take care of this world and all the inhabitants well being..

  4. God bless them all!!!!
    How can people hurt animals?! Look at the fox, the wale and the elephants. Look how thankful they are! How could you? Seriously look at those beautiful creatures :`(

  5. Strange huh :D. No matter how terrified the animal was, they never attack their savior(s) after they were rescued. Because scared animals usually attack anything in sight

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